The idea for Mountain Engine first came about after I bought the ERTL model 'Godred' from the series and read the packaging, which gave me a synopsis of the darkness and compelling escapades of the Culdee Fell railway.

From this I instantly looked at the Railway Series book 'Mountain Engines' by the Rev.W.Awdry to gather the general identities of each character. My artistic discovery more or less felt similar to Britt Allcroft's epiphany of what the railway series could become and I really felt that the stories could be brought to life in the way both both Britt and David created.

ERTL models have become my artistic style and so I felt as though having the characters ready to use, I would write a rough adaptation of the first story and see how successfully it would fit into a five minute slot. 

One thing I knew was that for the 'television style' I knew I'd have to change things around such as the inspector from the first story being The Fat Controller instead; which was the common  change in the fourth series of Thomas the tank Engine. It's taken longer than expected because of all the wonderful steam effects you will see in the shots as well as the moving eyes and of course not forgetting the animation style.

I hope you all enjoy watching it as I have making it!

Michael Evans

It is now confirmed that the last few stories from the Reverend Wilbert Awdry's Mountain Engines book are officially being adapted for a television audience in the style of the hit pilot episode Mountain Engine. Animation has already started for A Bad Look Out as the last few adjustments to the script are tweaked for 'on screen purposes'. The teaser image above is an enticement into the colourful world of Sodor and the familiar faces within the episode itself. All 5 narrow gauge engines are situated in the transfer yards at Crovans Gate; which have been designed to reflect that of the fourth series of Britt Allcroft's Thomas the tank Engine from 1995. 

For now everything has been kept under cabs, in case of any "errr disturbances.." What does this mean? Well the distinguished contrast of the book and this production are to be made quite separate, to a certain extent, mainly through the actual writing rather than the story. What can be confirmed now is that a song has been written for this short adapted series and will focus on the Culdee Fell Railway; despite the Skarloey Railway being featured heavily in half of the book.

I'm afraid to say that is it for now! Be sure to check out this website for updates on behind the scenes and promotional shots and videos!

All the best,

Michael Evans

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