The concept for Jeopardy has been around ever since I finished my feature film "The Secret Island" back in 2008. However production started during the summer of 2009 after, what I called, my 'Thomas diet' and my enthusiasm towards Thomas returned once more.

Once all the filming was completed, I had issues with microphones not working and cameras becoming incompatible with newer computers. It really was the last time I had shot a film on my standard JVC DV camera, however I'd never say that using film as opposed to photographic images ever stopped me achieving something terrible. The quality of the projects before Christmas Disaster were mostly shot with DV tapes; with the exception of The Great Story of Henry and Toby.

Jeopardy still pushed me to newer and more exciting filmwork and the extent of chroma key and masking grew during the production. What I'm most impressed with Jeopardy was of course the response it got from the YouTube fan base, but also the colour seems to strike streams of brightness and high contrast that really highlights the fact it is an intended short film rather than an episode idea.

Ironically a special was announced in late 2009 of a movie called "Misty Island Rescue" which held strong similarities to information and plot lines I had released for Jeopardy; I'm glad that I have the fan base and evidence to show that this was my idea and was constructed way back in 2008 as an early film poster before being made at a later date in 2009.  

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