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This is a website for the artistry of the YouTuber Thomasfan8; also known as Michael Evans. Here you can see behind the scenes facts, pictures and videos from the making of successful productions on YouTube. All this fan made content is by no means associated with the brand 'Thomas and Friends' and is evidently only for fan made purposes.

I hope you enjoy the tour of my work, there is always something being made for the fans of my work, from Railway Series adaptations to half hour feature films of my own.


I first began film making; or more specifically animation, in 2005 using my mother's phone camera. I created these very simple short videos of me pushing my ERTL models and thus I'm here today with a successful YouTube channel and a wonderful fan base who support me. I only became known because of a film called 'Jeopardy' which I had planned in late 2008 after making 'The Secret Island'. The trailer seemed to spread like wild fire and my popularity shot up. 

Mountain Engines is a Railway Series book I have adapted for a classic TV series feel, the stories captured my heart and I felt the need to portray them in the way Britt Allcroft and David Mitton would have done. Dare I say that one more special has been developed recently before my finale 'The Quest of the Long Forgotten Engine'. Well I've said enough for now, be sure to browse my website and contact me for any questions or comments in the contact section above.


This project has made me stress and challenge my patience, but I'm not giving up on it. The pace of production gives off the impression that there will be one episode released a year; this is not how I intend to release the series. 

'A Bad Look Out' is coming along nicely, most of the conversation between Culdee and the Skarloey Railway engines has been finished and I'm pleased that it is out of the way. Scenes with Godred have been filmed, unfortunately not his accident, however I am indeed coming close to animating the dark side of these stories; which is what inspired me to adapt these for YouTube.

With the unexpected success of the 'Mountain Engine' episode, the other stories are carefully being adapted from the railway series to suit a television audience.

After much consideration and development, it is now official that a song will be written for the Culdee Fell Railway. The song is to feature not only a catchy and upbeat techno style, but will be informative and generally educational through the lyrics; mostly explaining how a mountain railway works.

Another thing to note is that whilst I film scenes for 'A Bad Look Out' I am also filming for the other episodes also. Several shots of Lord Harry have been animated and I'm animating extra stock footage if I should ever need it in episodes or for music videos.

  Michael Evans animates Lord Harry (Below)

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